A New Year
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The Living Elixir is a radiant drinking oil comprised of benefits for optimal health and well-being.
Your total body transformation begins here.
Living Elixir

Living Elixir

Living Elixir box (250 ml/8.5 fl. oz. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a complimentary 40 ml sipping glass)

Invest in total body resilience with a daily serving of vitality. Saint Supply organic extra virgin olive oil fortifies and invigorates each body system with a powerful combination of plant-based polyphenols.

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1x Bottle | $68.00

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Maintains A Healthy Heart

Promotes Skin Elasticity

Supports Body's Immune System

Regulates Digestion

Improves Mental Clarity


The World's First Olive Oil Bar

Our Living Elixir bar has become a celebrated moment of wellness at some of the biggest events in entertainment.

Recipes for Longevity by Chef Trevor Ross

Our team chef, Trevor Ross, incorporates Saint Supply's polyphenols in a range of anti-inflammatory recipes for lifelong wellness.

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